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Lelo Hex Condoms, 3-pack


Sunny says, "Condoms are sex accessories. You wouldn't just throw on any old pair of shoes for a date, would you? Then you should take a moment to choose a condom that represents YOU!

Are you chic, sleek, fashion-forward, trendy, confident, gorgeous, smart? So is Hex!

Hex are condoms with a modern personality. What makes them unique is their hexagonal design. This beautiful honeycomb lattice design is important because helps to prevent slippage and minimize damage in case of a tear. Brilliant, right?

These hexagons are also flexible and stretch to fit a wide number of shapes securely.

And, they don't 'feel' like ribbed condoms! The grooves that sit between the cells are actually on the inside of the condom instead of the outside, so Hex's outside surface is perfectly smooth.

Plus, Hex is one of the thinnest latex condoms on the market today - allowing body warmth and sensations to be shared while providing the protection of a condom."

Good Reasons Why You Should Try It:

  • When was the last time you tried a new type of condom? It's time.
  • Hex's hexagons help it fit better on everyone's unique body type.
  • Hex is thin so it won't interfere with those sexy feelings.

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