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Maia Tulip Pro Suction Vibrator

Sunny says, "Suction is a stimulation that many people don’t realize is an option, and often it’s confused with Air Pulse technology.

Suction works by drawing air through the product to create a vacuum.

First and foremost, the Maia Tulip Pro Suction Vibrator is BEAUTIFUL! Who doesn't love flowers? Ahem, who doesn't LOVE flowers that can provide orgasms?

The Maia Tulip Pro Suction Vibe is just over 3" long and is unique in that it offers 15 levels of suction to suit your clitoris or nipples, in addition to 15 vibrating functions. These 15 levels of suction allow you to experiment with stronger or less intense suction, along with 15 levels of vibration sensations."

Dr. Sunny Tip: Always try suction on an arm or thigh first before heading directly to your clitoris or nipples. This way, you can determine the strength of the suction before placing it on a sensitive area.

Good Reasons Why You Should Try It:
  • 15 LEVELS OF SUCTION (yes, I did raise my voice there...)
  • 15 Levels of Vibration
  • Conveniently USB Rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone comfortably warms to your body temperature
  • Waterproof!

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