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Rianne S Booty Plug Set of 3 sizes, Purple


Sunny says, "Trust me, anal play is not something to rush into. It's SO much more enjoyable when you're well prepared. And a set of booty plugs in graduated sizes can make things more comfortable - it's called training and this is a great Training Set!

Start with the small size. When comfortable, try the medium size Booty Plug next. And, when you're ready, the large size Booty Plug is there if you want to try it. 

No pressure! 3 sizes to you to explore anal play as you please.

The smooth, medical-grade silicone material is hygienic and hypoallergenic, and silicone can naturally warm to your body temperature, making these Rianne S Booty Plugs more comfortable when inserted. 

Also, who doesn't love a beautiful gemstone to dazzle between your cheeks?

All 3 Booty Plugs have a lovely crystal in their base - crystal clear, soft lavender, and a deep, rich purple. Think of all the wardrobe pairing opportunities! 

Can I share a quick tip? Use LUBE! Since the rectum is not self-lubricating, these plugs will pair best with lots of lubricant. HOWEVER - silicone lubricant does not play well with silicone plugs (which these gorgeous beauties are made of). So I recommend using water-based lubricant with these lovely plugs.  

Ready to boost your Booty Beauty? Indulge in this cheeky set!"  

Good Reasons Why You Should Try It:

  • Purple + Gemstones = Beautifully Sexy Accessories
  • 3 sizes! Making this a wonderful Anal Trainer Set 
  • 2 words - Booty Jewelry!
  • Because there are a high concentration of nerve endings in the booty region which can bring intense pleasure 

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