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Pillow Talk Flirty Mini Massager


Sunny says, "A Flirty Mini Massager with a flexible shaft and a sparkling Swarovski crystal that controls the vibrations - Ooh la la, talk about indulgent pleasure!

Flirty is a wonderful cross between a bullet and a massager. Too big for a bullet, and too small for a massager, Flirty is a unique size that allows for a larger motor (aka more vibrating power) that's still petite enough to slip into your bag. Plus, it has a travel lock! 

The gorgeous pastel color and cushioned, patterned handle feel luxurious. But you can really spoil yourself with those oh so deep, rumbly vibrations to tickle and tease, and that Swarovski crystal button can be pressed again and again to enjoy multiple speeds."

Good Reasons Why You Should Try It:

  • Because it's beautiful (that counts for a lot!)
  • Made with hygienic, hypoallergenic silicone material, which comfortably warms to your body temperature
  • Features a Travel Lock! (no vibrating bag...)
  • Water Resistant, so please do not submerge

Tips for Operating the Travel Lock: Quickly press the button 3 times until you feel 2 vibrations. Voilà! It's locked and ready for your adventures. Press and hold the crystal button to turn on.

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