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Satisfyer Haute Couture


Sunny says, "2 words - Air. Pulse.

I've got your attention now, don't I?

Not only is this a high-end luxury product (truly Haute Couture), but it also features a unique sensation - Air Pulse.

For those of you who feel as thought 'you've tried it all' or that your body doesn't respond to vibration or suction, the Satisfyer Haute Couture may be EXACTLY what you're looking for!

READ THIS: What the heck is Air Pulse? Air Pulse stimulation works on the principle of displacing air or ‘pulsing’, creating a sensation similar to a piston. Air pulse sensations can provide non-contact stimulation of the clitoris."

Good Reasons Why You Should Try It:

  • It feels GOOD. Obviously.
  • It's fancy, with genuine leather and precious metals. (You DESERVE it!)
  • The Haute Couture offers simultaneous stimulation (say that 3 times fast...) of the clitoris using pressure waves and vibrations - double your pleasure!
  • There are 11 pressure wave intensities and 10 vibration programs to experiment with. 

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