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Magic Wand + Plus Body Massager


Sunny says, "THIS is the wand that started it all! The deep, rumbly vibes, the powerful motor, and all that magic... 

I'm sure you've heard of The Magic Wand, it's practically legendary, right? But you're probably wondering what the +Plus means. 

Please allow me to explain - this Magic Wand Plus has everything you know and love about the Original Magic Wand, with a couple of extra tricks to WOW you with. 

The +Plus extra's include:

  1. Rather than a vinyl head, the Plus has a silicone head.
  2. Instead of just 2-speeds like the Original, the Plus has Variable Speeds to enjoy.
  3. The Plus features easy-to-use Push Button Controls. 

So, consider your own desires and use this handy list to decide if the Plus is the Magic Wand for you!"

Good Reasons Why You Should Try It:

  • Because it's magic, obviously
  • It's known for the famous pleasure it can provide
  • Yes, THIS is the wand with those deep, rumbly vibrations 

Quick note - Please be aware that The Magic Wand Plus needs to be plugged in during use. But there is a Magic Wand Rechargeable option if you're looking for more freedom. 

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